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    Hot Products: Diflubenzuron   Bordered crude drug
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    40%Triflumuron suspending agent


    Products Instruction:   New type insect growth regulator, chlordimeform mechanisation is to control the synthesis of insects chitin,kill the insects by preventing the casting off a skin. It is mainly with stomach poison and contact toxicity. Residual period can be 27 days,without residues,it is safe to use. It is a kind of environmental protective and pollution-free of Green Food ideal pharmacy..
       The crude drug and reagent are produced by our enterprise.

    Specification: 15g/bag×400bag/box,200g/bottles×20bag/box or packed according to the requirements of the customers.
    Application range and method:


    Control object

    Dilution times


    Fruit tree

    Apple leaf miner, leaf roller, leafminer, peach borer, Psylla

    15000-20000 times



    Diamond back moth, Asparagus caterpillar, Cabbage caterpillar, Tobacco budworm

    10000-1500 times


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