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    Hot Products: Diflubenzuron   Bordered crude drug
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    20%Triflumuron suspending agent


    Products Instruction:
       It is a kind of new type of the growing regulating agent of the pests and the chlordimeform mechanisation is to control the synthesis of insects chitin,and kill the insects by preventing the casting off a skin. It is mainly with stomach poison and contact toxicity. the products has great effect for the target pests eggs and larves. Residual period can be 27 days,without residues,it is safe to use. It is a kind of environmental protective and pollution-free of Green Food ideal pharmacy..
       The products crude drug and reagent are made by our enterprise only..

    Specification:50g/bottles×80bottles/box or packed according to the requirements of the customers.
    Application range and method:


    Control object

    Dilution times


    Fruit tree

    Apple leaf miner, leaf roller, leafminer, peach borer, Psylla

    8000-10000 times



    Diamond back moth, Asparagus caterpillar, Cabbage caterpillar, Tobacco budworm, prodenia litura

    6000-8000 times


    Onion, ginger, garlic, leek

    Garlic maggot, chives maggots, grub, cutworm


    Root irrigation


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