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    Hot Products: Diflubenzuron   Bordered crude drug
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    5% arvey ?Triflumuron suspending agent


    Products Instruction:
       5% arvey ·Triflumuron is the high efficient, low toxicity, without residues new special insects growth contrlling agent. It has contact killing and stomach poison function. The chlordimeform mechanisation can block the spirit tube of the insects to make the insects lost coordination and died finally.The product will get into the insects bodies through contacting and eating,0-4hours later, it will fall onto the ground and after 24-60hours, it will die.

    Specification: 15g/bag×400bag/box,200g/bottles×20bag/box or packed according to the requirements of the customers.
    Application range and method:


    Control object

    Dilution times


    Fruit tree

    Apple leaf miner, leaf roller, leafminer, red(white)spider, borer, Psylla

    1500-2000 times



    Cotton bollworm, red(white)spider

    1500-2000 times



    Asparagus caterpillar, Cabbage caterpillar, Diamond back moth, prodenia litura, red(white)spider

    1500-2000 times



    America white moth, Pine moth, elm toxc moth, gypsymoth, tent caterpillar, anachoreta, poplar leafminer, Red butterfly, butterfly, red(white)spider

    2000-2500 times


    Onion, ginger, garlic, leek

    Garlic maggot, chives maggots, grub, cutworm

    1000 times

    Root irrigation


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