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    80% B aluminum· chlorothalonil wettability powder


    Products Instruction:
        The product is new type compound pesticides,is made with chlorothalonil and trifosetyl aluminuim through scientific processing and it can be used for the prevent of downy mildew and it is a type of new pesticides.
        Chlorothalonil is a kind of benzene replacing product series broad spectrum bactericide,The main function of the product is ti protect and prevent of insects. The trifosetyl aluminuim is inner absorptive bactericide.These two kinds of reagent both have protection and curing function.

    Application range and method:


    Control object

    Dilution times



    Downy mildew, white flour diseases, early, night disease, rust disease

    800-1000 times


    Fruit tree

    Downy mildew, anthracnosis, ring spot, nigredo, alternaria leaf

    800-1000 times


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