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    35% small sulfur budweiser seed treatment dry powder


    Products Instruction:
       Small sulfurg budweiser is a kind of new type, high efficient, low toxicity carbaminate series insecticide, budweiser low toxicity derivatives,It can have chlordimeform in the insect supersession progress. The product can absorption and contact toxicity and stomach toxicity use.. The mechanism to disturb the insect nervous system,and it can be used for the prevent of mouse and sparrow.

    Application range and method:


    Control object

    Dilution times



    Thrips, mouse, sparrow

    4-5g/kg seed

    Seed dressing

    Wheat, rape

    soil insect

    12g/kg seed

    Seed dressing


    Rice planthopper, Borer, Yellow borer, Leaf roller

    1500-2000 times



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