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    38% atrazine suspending agent


    Products Instruction:
       The product is selective inner absorption corn herbicide,Mainly for the root and stems absorption, and it can be transformed to the leaves and so on quickly,and disturb the photosynthesizes to cause the weed lethal,UnderCorn and so on.
       The product is added with special imported additives which can meke the hogweed easy to absorb,with strong sticky strength,rain resistance. It is safe to crops and it will not be affected by drought,without residues,the effect is clean.

    Application range and method:


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    Digitaria sanguinalis scop, echinochloa, green bristlegrass, tanner grass, eleusine indica, commelina, field dodder, berba portulacae, goosefoots, nightshade, scanty, cephalanoplos segetum, fennel ma, convolvulus purga, convexutricle sedge herb, siberian cocklebur, cyperus rotundus linn, copperleaf



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