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    Green Furong


    new type, high efficient, environmetal protection health insecticide strong bug killing
       The product is simulating, high efficient, low toxicity(actually it is non-toxic series )bug killing agent. 《Green Furong》main contents are international recognition,it is safe for the human-beings and mammalians new type insecticide series —insect growth conditioner(IGR) CSI. 《Green Furong》te\akes Water as carrier,and it is made with high tech nano-technology and complemented special additives.
       The product is made with simulating technology compounding chintin controlling reagent,By disturbing the transforming inside the insects body to lead abnormal sperms and kill the insects.
       The enterprise according to the Triflumuron properties, with scientific processing reagent. It is non-toxic, colorless, tasteless and the effect to the target insect is lasting..
    2.Application scope
       It can be widely used in families, hotels, restaurants, shops, schools, factory, hospitals and other places.
       1.White or gray liquid suspension.
       2.The reagnet has been tested by National Health Prevention Center: without teratogenic, carcinogenic, mutagenic and so on..
    4.Usage method
       Dilute with 80-100 times water and spray it to the sueface of the chinks and it is better to let small amount of the products flout and make sure it is laveling of the surface and regulate the amount for those insect frequent appearing places and normally, three times are enough to kill the bugs.

    1. Please operate according to the insecticide safety operation rules strictly.
    2. Avoid of staining the product onto the skin and eyes.
    3. It is better to use the product with current use.
    4. Wash the hands after use the product and other exposure skin as soon as possible. 5. Avoid of food stored place as well as pond and so on.
    6. Stored in cool and dry place and keep it away from children, food, animals and feed.
    7.Wash with large amount of water once staining on the skin or eye or go t the doctors as soon as possible.

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