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    Methylamino-arvey benzoic acid salt

    Products Name:Methylamino-arvey benzoic acid salt.
    English Name:Proclaim○R(banleptm)
    Chemical Names:4"-surface-Methylamino--4"-deoxygen arvey rhzomorphB1 benzoate .
    Molecular formula:C49H75NO13C7H6O2    C48H73NO13C7H6O2
    Molecular weight:
    Biological activity: chlordimeform, mite infestation.
    Physical Properties:It is a kind of white or slightly yellow powder solid,Pure melting point141-146℃,it is organic solvents soluble as alcohol, acetylic solvents and so on..
    Stability:Under normal conditions, the product is stable but is unstable for UV.  

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